About LaB.

LaB. Bio-Conceptual Creations is a hybrid world of Biology and Art created by Vasia Hatzi, PhD Geneticist during 2012.

In the hybrid world of LaB., the biological structures are transformed into wearable bio-conceptual creations. Combining her knowledge from the field of Cytogenetics with Imagination, Vasia Hatzi, brings the basic elements of life outside laboratory to communicate her science through a different path.

Every LaB. creation has a symbolism that arises from the real function and role of the inspired biological structure (“biological muse”): the structure of chromatin and the different levels of DNA packaging within the cell nucleus (bio-symbolism: Flexibility), cellular organelles and motifs such as the endoplasmic reticulum (bio-symbolism: Creativity), the glycoproteins of the cell membrane (bio-symbolism: Communication), the supportive cytoskeleton (bio-symbolism: Immortality), the mitotic spindle that equally divides the chromosomes of the parental cell to the two daughter cells (bio-symbolism: Justice).

In each creation the complexity of the real biological organelle is simplified keeping only the representative lines. This type of subtraction detaches the subject from its image and gives precedence to the power of its identity and its function.

The microcosm of LaB., unlike the real one, is ready and open to accept hybrid creatures and creations with scientific structure, beauty charm and bio-conceptual symbolism.

Wearable science is a way to embrace our Intelligence and to evolve the meaning of beauty. In the world of LaΒ., Intelligence is the new Beauty.


Collaborative Exhibitions:

  1. The Night of The Researcher (16 October 2014, NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece)
  2. Vesalius Continuum, Fabrica Vitae International Exhibition (4-8.09.2014, Zakynthos, Greece).
  3. 500th Birthday Celebration of Andreas Vesalius, Fabrica Vitae exhibition (17.12.14-17.01.15, Andreas Syggros Museum, Athens, Greece).
  4. Fabrica Vitae exhibition, St. Louis University, USA (26.02.15-28.02.15).
  5. Fabrica Vitae exhibition, Emory University, Atlanta, USA (02.03.15-05.03.15).
  6. Fabrica Vitae Exhibition, Andreas Vesalius Symposium, (Geneva, Royal Manotel, 13.05.2015).
  7. LaB. work is included in MEDinART video which has been screened in International events in Europe, Asia and USA.
  8. MEDinART exhibition “MEDinART – where MEDicine and ART collide. Part One: the Greek Artists”, Athens Science Festival 2017, Technopolis, City of Athens-GR (29.03.17-02.03.17).


In Press:

Interalia Magazine, “Bio-Med Art”, Issue June-July 2015).

Interalia Magazine, “The Art in HeArt”, Issue June 2016.

Athens Voice (Official), (interview in Greek), May 2017.

Science View Magazine, Issue 12, May 2017.


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